As I explain in a blog post, I’m going to become a real boy and publish a new edition of The Shadow of Yesterday, the award-winning fantasy roleplaying game by my favourite open source author, Clinton R. Nixon. Here are some pertinent links related to the endeavour; most are from the Forge, I’m collecting them here as a general reference for anybody interested in following the process.

Timeline of Eero’s madness

6.2.2008 an interesting look three months back, before I knew that Clinton was going to hermitage and that I would be publishing a new edition of TSoY in the summer.
8.4.2008 Clinton went into hermitage, which the thread illustrates somewhat.
6.5.2008 I explain the project at the Forge in general terms.
7.5.2008 A playtest report on a playtest of Solar System we played on the last weekend of April, the first after I started writing the new edition.
I start my Solar System Vignette Writing Project, an experiment in off-loading my writing work on the hapless populace.
11.6.2008 I ask the Story Games community what they think of a new brand logo for the Solar System.
22.7.2008 The Solar System is at the printer, I discuss the sales plan.
22.7.2008 Jason Morningstar made me a demo!
7.8.2008 I made a website for our games and started selling Solar System!
22.8.2008 We returned from Gencon, I write about the reception of Solar System among other things.
23.11.2008 I published the Solar System as a PDF version, too.

13.12.2008 I started writing TSoY and published my first playtest call.

Other pertinent linkage

Arkenstone Publishing, our company website, discusses Solar System as a product available for order, in case you want to give me money.

The Shadow of Yesterday is available for free in wiki form nowadays, which is in pretty nice harmony with the game’s Creative Commons license. This has something to do with Clinton having balls of granite, I understand.

The CRN forum at the Forge used to be a hotspot of TSoY discussion before Clinton’s hermitage, and it’s still an excellent resource for some mind-blowing shit.

Randomwiki is one of the oldest and strongest (and certainly, if we’re measuring [age]*[strength], the manliest) indie game resources around, so it of course has some interesting TSoY material as well.

Riimukivi forum is an exclusively Finnish target, but an excellent one if you happen to know the language. Not only does it have wicked vampire crunch for TSoY, but it also has me moderating it. Excelsior!

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