Act Your Evil #4

More Acts of Evil: we noticed yesterday that we’d been reading the rules wrong in a minor matter. The thing is, the small detail in question happens to be a reward cycle linchpin, so player intent has been running a bit wrong in places. This repudiates a part of my earlier analysis, so I better write down some corrections for my notes… Read the rest of this entry »

Act Your Evil #3

Time to write more playtest reportage/commentaries on Acts of Evil we’ve been playing this fall. The last reports are here and here. Fifth session of the campaign happened last Tuesday, so it’s been two sessions since my last report. Right now it seems that the game will stretch for another five sessions still, which is around three times longer than I’d ever have expected of a relatively simple game like this. Doesn’t bother me, however, as this is some of the most entertaining roleplaying I’ve had this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Act Your Evil #2

We’ve played two more sessions of Acts of Evil since I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago. I’m putting my playtest notes here in the blog in the interest of having the whole story in one place, and to give interested readers an idea of how one might go about writing hopefully useful playtest reports for a roleplaying game. I’m a bit behind on my playtest reporting due to all seven kinds of busyness, but luckily playtest reports get shorter when the campaign progresses and issues get addressed; otherwise I’d probably burst a blood vessel one of these days.
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Act Your Evil

I played Paul Czege‘s Acts of Evil today. It’s part of the Ashcan Front, so half playtesting, half real play. I’ve been following the game pretty closely, so for me it’s frantic hammering at the rough edges of a potentially excellent design. I would’ve put this play report / commentary on their forum, except there’s no real-time registration and I couldn’t be arsed to wait until Paul or Matt or whoever got around to letting me in. So I sent it to Paul via email, and post it here for the viewing pleasure of others. Perhaps I’ll link it to the forums if they ever let me in. Read the rest of this entry »