Eero kynälläMy name is Eero Tuovinen. I’m a game designer and freelance author. Yeah, that’s easy to say and harder to do professionally, but at the moment I’m little else – I sell some games via my company Arkenstone Press, do assorted whitecollar odd-jobs related to gaming and publishing industries and write my own games and stuff. I’ve been known to describe this state as being that of an “artist bum” as well. This is my blog Game Design is about Structure, dedicated to my gaming, game design and such pertaining issues as might be of interest.

If you read something interesting at the blog and wanted to know more about me, here are some bullet-points that might be more or less current, or at least vaguely phrased so as to obviate the need for constant updates:

  • I was born in 1981 here in Sonkajärvi, and while I did move down south for several years of university studies, now I’ve been back for a couple of years. Right now I’m quite happy living up here where gaming is good, people are human and snow grows thick on the trees (at least until the greenhouse effect takes it away).
  • I’ve been playing games from quite a young age. Roleplaying is my best medium, and I’ve published around half a dozen translated American roleplaying games in Finnish, as well as a couple of my own. From time to time I work on rpg design and publication full-time, thanks to various Finnish cultural foundations. The best place for getting hold of my work is obviously enough my own publisher/retailer imprint, Arkenstone Press.
  • While I love working on my own art projects the best, me and my network are available for the kinds of whitecollar work you’d want buy from a well-educated Finnish content production professional; I’ve done my share of journalistic stuff, layout work, editing, authoring and such, so much so that I started a separate company for organizing my work-for-hire projects a while back. I’m especially interested in doing things I haven’t done yet, so feel free to contact me with challenging new projects!

Game Design is about Structure, because everything else is as well. The mission of the blog, in case you’re interested, is to document my thoughts and projects related to gaming. I’m not writing it all down with tedious accuracy (have to leave something for other publications, after all), but I try to keep an eye out for potential topics and write about them when I have the time. I’m pretty inexperienced as a blogger so I have no idea how long this is going to last and how good it’s going to be, but if I can write something at the blog once or twice every week, I’m pretty happy with that.

Finally: my contact information is rather trivial to find out if you’re any good at reading Finnish web pages. Others might wish to use the WordPress feedback field I’m field-testing right here.

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