About time…

I suppose I should start doing some blogging again, this last half a year apparently became a sort of unscheduled break. I had plenty of other things on my mind, didn’t feel like writing.

In case you’re interested, here’s some of what I did for my summer vacation:

Cover of the Tuovinen family genealogy

I made a big book about dead people last summer

  • Over the summer I finalized the Tuovinen family genealogy and produced it for publication. Because everybody asks, no, I didn’t do the actual research myself – I just took the research database collated by Valto Puustinen and produced a book out of it by editing, arranging and laying it out. Wrote some history bits and such, too. Quite a job, probably the largest book I’ve ever made. Apparently my paternal line has lived in the Upper Savo wilderness for the last 400 years, having arrived here among the first Savonian colonists from southern Savo during the Swedish drive to populate the eastern frontiers of what used to be the kingdom of Sweden. The target audience has been happy, so I’d say it was a successful mission.
  • In the fall we had the local conventions, but also Essen Spiel, at which we had a successful booth. This was the first time I had primary responsibility for a booth at a major fair, and it was pretty stressful – we needed to figure out furniture, shipping, marketing materials and partnership negotiations and all. I spent major time figuring out certain financing arrangements that ultimately didn’t materialize, too. Luckily the sales were acceptable and the crew was very motivated and high-spirited, so all’s good in that regard.
  • I read and played OSR games and bought a lot of adventures for the webstore. In fact, here’s a list of what we have – it’s a pretty good one, being as how it’s been compiled by Jim Raggi for the most part. Plenty of interesting stuff in there.

Probably something else happened too, I just don’t remember it right now. No matter – more relevant is, what will I write about at the blog before the year is out? I have a new Glorantha-based Solar System rpg campaign at least, that deserves some words (especially as I really should write down my thoughts on it to arrange them). No further plans yet, but perhaps something surfaces. Ah – actually, I should write a bit about the good OSR things I’ve seen, just in case others are wondering which of the indistinguishable adventure modules with colorful names are worthwhile.

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