Back From Gencon

I stepped off the plane yesterday. Got a flu of some sort on the return trip, will probably wait for it to clear up before continuing towards the north. Let’s have some notes and impressions on the trip, meanwhile.

Personally most important is that I got my World of Near books, which we’ll mail to pre-orderers this week. IPR also started selling the thing in the USA, here. At this writing it’s the hottest thing in the webshop, we’ll see how long that continues. Apparently you get to be the hottest for a couple of hours on the strengths of just a couple of sales when the product is still young, or something like that.

Gencon itself was largely the same as last year. I liked the booth set-up better this time around, although it might not have been as efficient as a sales environment. The product quality was high, though, and the Ashcan Front is made to go with the Forge booth: we had a very strong line-up of exciting ashcans at the booth, such as People’s Hero, Purgatory Bay, Principia, Black Cadillacs and others that I forget. The finished product featuring at the booth wasn’t bad, either: aside from World of Near we had Trollbabe and S/lay w/me, both of which I’m very fond of, as well as a bunch of other stuff. Sales were not very high all around, and I think I made a loss of something like 500 dollars on the trip all told; depends on what you count into the columns, ultimately.

I was travelling with a couple of Finnish friends, Sami Koponen and Olli Kantola, both of which were reasonable about my eccentricities, such as requiring the use of their luggage to ship World of Near books back to Finland. I hope the trip was and educational experience for them, they got to see Indiana and American geekdom in all their glory.

I got around dozen new titles for my Finnish retail project, too – have to put those up in the webstore at some point one my flu goes away. In general I’ll probably have to invest a couple of days of work on the Finnish and English Arkenstone websites before the month is out. All sorts of annoying updating and outright repair to do there.

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