Starting to sell World of Near

Today I updated our English website a bit. You can now order the new book there, for instance. I probably should do some more updating as well this weekend, before leaving for Gencon – for instance, I still don’t have a proper resources section in the Solar System / TSoY pages.

If you’ll look at the website, you can see that I learned a new trick (took most of the time I spent with this thing today, actually). Let’s see if it works on this blog… how tragic, apparently the WordPress software here at censors Javascript. Works at our website, which runs WordPress as well.

Anyway, my trick – which you can wonder at on the website – is collapsible content made with Javascript. This is not the first time I do Javascript, but it’s always a chore – I need it so rarely that I always have to reteach myself when I use it. It took me a while to debug my code and find out that it wasn’t working because of wrong capitalization. That’s the sort of small thing that makes programming a pain in the ass.

It’d be nice to have more time for fine-tuning websites. I like doing web programming, but it tends to take a lot of time. In practice the best website is consequently always the one that takes the least amount of work to keep up to date and functional. I’ll have to do something about our Finnish site, for instance – it’s just too much of a pain in the ass due to my accumulated php solutions and whatnot. Maybe I’ll have time after Gencon.


2 Responses to “Starting to sell World of Near”

  1. Vince Londini Says:

    Hey Eero,

    Will you have a booth at GenCon again? Assuming so, have they given you the number yet?

    I’ll try to stop by and say “Hi” again this year 🙂

  2. Eero Tuovinen Says:

    I’ll be at the Forge booth. It’s number 1912. Do stop by if you get the chance, by all means.

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