Finally finished!

I haven’t been blogging this summer, as I’ve been writing my new TSoY book. It’s the largest book I’ve ever written (though not the largest I’ve designed), although I did have some help in the form of prior art by Clinton and Josh and other TSoY enthusiasts who allowed me to use their work. Very, very much work, I haven’t pushed this hard since -05.

I deliberated on the name of the book for quite a while, and ultimately ended up calling it The World of Near. The issue here was that I didn’t want to use the same name Clinton had used for his own book, but I wanted to make it clear that this was a TSoY sourcebook. “TSoY” is still on the cover as a sort of brand logo, but the actual name of the book is different. I never cared much about the rpg (and textbook) industry practice of publishing new editions of the same book even where the creators, intent and structure of the work were completely reworked.
The World of Near cover

Contents of the Book

This is a 196 page letter-size monster. Going to retail for 25 monies, I think, with Solar System included in the deal. The topic is essentially “everything I know about the world of Near, as established in forum deliberatives and play over the last five years”. I almost made that a subtitle, even. Check out the table of contents:

1st Movement: The Shorter Near

1    Near
2    Maldor
3    Sun & Moon
4    Warcraft
5    Three-Corner
6    Ratkin
Myth of the Skyfire

2nd Movement: Matter of Ammeni

7    Ammeni
8    Alchemy
9    Trade
10    Zaru
11    Zu
12    Khale
13    Qek
14    Knotwork
15    Spiritwork
The Idea of Ammeni

3rd Movement: Southern Initiative

16    Goren
17    Sky God Faith
18    Witchcraft
19    Vulfen
20    Vulfland
21    Dreaming
Second Wolf Age

4th Movement: Species of Near

22    Human Equation
23    Elves
24    Goblins
25    Dwarves
26    Giants
27    Beastkin
Nadir & Andreth

5th Movement: Margin Notes

28    Orania
29    Inselburg
30    Pere-di-Fey
31    Seafaring
32    Nine Celestials
33    The Horned God
34    Sireap Valley
35    First City
36    Going Out
A Love Letter to a Storygamer

Old TSoY players can probably see that the book basically consists of all the old material and various stuff from the forums and my own notes. There’s a hellish amount of material in each of those chapters; fluff is very similar to what it used to be, but the crunch has been reworked and twisted and expanded in various ways. I tried to put everything I have on the topic into the book, I’ll be surprised if I start feeling like I need to do anything with the setting for a while after this.

As far as book design goes, the book resembles the Solar System booklet a lot, they’re sister products. We honed the page models and expression to fit the new text, but the typography and paradigm are pretty much the same. The new text doesn’t do boxed texts, which is an improvement; I haven’t been entirely happy with the layout compromises in the SS booklet. It’s a very text-heavy book, with no art for art’s sake. Planned into a reference to be used in play.

Now I’ll just need to, let’s see: pack for Gencon, prepare a couple of lectures for Ropecon (“Lumpley Principle” and “Diplomacy 50th Anniversary” to be exact), get a haircut, write some announcements of the new product so you people know to buy it and update the company website so you can buy it. And I need to do all that today, because tomorrow it’s time for Ropecon, the primary Finnish rpg convention, after which I’ll be remaining in Helsinki in anticipation of Gencon. Probably won’t get more than the first couple of things done, so I’ll update the webpage from Helsinki next week, I suppose. That’s when we’ll start taking orders for the book, too; I’ll bring some from Gencon for the European audience, we should be able to start mailing them around the 20th.


7 Responses to “Finally finished!”

  1. Christopher Weeks Says:

    Will there be a print and PDF deal so we don’t have to wait?

  2. Eero Tuovinen Says:

    That’s a good question. There would be, but I didn’t create the pdf version in tandem with the book, and I don’t want to put out a quick conversion. So patience is our friend here, I’ll create a pdf version later in Fall. Have to consider a color hardcover elite POD version as well, when I have the time.

  3. Tommi Says:

    Can this be bought at Ropecon? (That taking orders bit hints at the answer being no, but asking dumb questions is useful.)

  4. Eero Tuovinen Says:

    Nope. I will have some samples I printed out, though. Might even take a computer in case somebody wants to look at the whole book.

    The book is currently with the printer, my hope is that they’ll have it in Chicago around the 10th of August.

  5. tony dowler Says:

    Looks great! I’m looking forward to seeing it at Gen Con!

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