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I’m going to a local convention this weekend. It’s Maracon in Oulu, and I have a car full of students and other youngsters who are going with me! The plan is to play the Best Session of the Year with all my friends who are coming as well. I’m also probably going to sell enough new games to pay the expenses of travel, which makes this convention a win-win event for me. People are coming all the way from Helsinki, this convention is just that good.

This here is a pretty funny story: a bit under two weeks ago I had nothing better to do, so I wrote a press release. I’m giving it a rough translation here:

For immediate publication in all medias,

Maracon of Oulu boasts the Best Session of the Year from 14th through 16th of this month. In this peak event of the domestic roleplaying season a troupe of high-achieving roleplayers strives to exceed prior performance levels of this roleplaying season. National record-breaking is considered likely, the team has been training for international levels of achievement.

The primary line-up for the Best Session of the Year has been formed out of some of the best roleplayers of the domestic scene:

Captain – Eero Tuovinen (Upper Savo Roleplaying Club)
Libero – Olli Kantola (CRYO)
Protagonist – Sami Koponen (Alter Ego)
Quarterback – Sipi Myllynen (as transfer from USRC to CRYO)

It’s not out of line to expect some amazing performance levels out of these guys. The event will also include warm-up sessions and local series matchups. Hobbyists are welcome to play and cheer for the record-breaking efforts; pre-play commentaries have been focusing on the controversial move to compose the line-up solely of male players, which might impact on the team’s game choices and flatten the group dynamics before the players are even at the table. It’s speculated that the group will compensate with heavy-duty mechanical provess, cultural analysis and a wide repertoire of games. The last minute induction of a fifth black horse player is also not out of consideration. The details of the game program are still undetermined, but the rumors have it that the event will feature the national premieres of several independent games heretofore unseen in Finland.

Maracon is the premiere role and boardgaming event of the Oulu region and northern Ostrobothnia. The event starts on the 14th at 20:30 at the Kaijonharju Youth Centre and lasts for the entire weekend. Maracon is now arranged for the 21th time by the Oulu University Roleplaying Club CRYO.

Questions about Maracon and the Best Session of the Year are fielded by Olli Kantola, 0505122560,

That press release is even funnier in Finnish, as it’s full of puns and sports terminology. It’s also pretty exact as concerns my gaming plans in Oulu. So I was happy with my release and sent it to all the major national news medias, as well as the local ones in Oulu. Last week Olli told me that Kaleva, the primary local newspaper in Oulu, had printed the release as a news story. How wickedly amusing.


2 Responses to “Maracon Press”

  1. Olli Kantola Says:

    Yes, Kaleva published the item without even consulting me. I would have expected at least an e-mail to confirm the details.

    So far the only ones to contact me, have been Russian porn spammers who now have my e-mail address. 😦

  2. cboeckle Says:

    Amazing! 🙂

    Have a great time!

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