Positive Surprises from Gencon

What I’ve been doing for the last few weeks has mostly been reading games we got from Gencon to retail here in Finland. We got about six copies of most titles, but there are something like 40 games I’d never looked into in any detail before. So that took me quite a while, reading and digesting the stuff.

Our Finnish retail thing mostly runs on expertise – I know the stuff I sell and can presumably recommend things; each product gets a short review/recommendation essay from me in our webstore, and the mostly unstated understanding there is that while I don’t actually diss the games we sell, I won’t claim one inch of virtue where there isn’t any. Just try to find the best honest facet to everything I’m stupid enough to invest in.

Anyway, having spent some serious time reading and thinking about these new games (and doing a bit of play, too, for some of them), I thought that pointing out some interesting ones might be in order. Read the rest of this entry »