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Arkenstone Publishing now has an English-language website. I made it in a couple of days while learning to hack WordPress, so it’s not very complex or anything. Hopefully it’s just stable enough to serve while we’re at Gencon. Ideally, I didn’t screw up anything with the Paypal buttons either, so we can start taking in orders on our games.

Orders? Yes, I’ll be taking orders for Zombie Cinema and Solar System now from European customers. I’ll be back from Gencon by the 20th, so that’s when I’ll ship any orders that hopefully amass meanwhile. I can’t say I’m very happy with the cost of shipping stuff from Finland, but at least the option is there now.

(The cost of shipping has sunk one particular product plan I had, it seems: I’m told that shipping five copies of Solar System at once costs around twenty euros; it’s apparently cheaper to ship them one by one, which is bizarre to say the least. So no bulk discount sales for me, it seems.)

After Gencon I’m also going to expand that website. That’s easy with the WordPress framework, at least. I’ll need to write some articles about the zombie game, at least. Hmm… to do:

  • A common “shop” page that collects both products on one page. I might also put up some other indie games while I’m at it. (As the dear reader might know, Arkenstone retails indie games in Finland; no reason not to sell them to Europe as well now that I made that website, I guess.)
  • A strategy article. I need to write about how you keep your character alive in Zombie Cinema, and how a group creates a successful story. Cover tricks (such as scenes without characters), nuances (order of play and how to manipulate it) and basic techniques familiar from other games (secondary characters, say).
  • A variant or two. Zombie Cinema is simple to wary, but perhaps I could encourage it a bit by putting up some variant boards and cards. Deep Impact and Reservoir Dogs have come up as potential topics; we’ll see.

But that’s all a problem for later. My train is leaving in two hours for Helsinki, and I’ve yet to do any packing.


7 Responses to “Arkenstone website”

  1. The Tweaker Says:

    Congratulations, Eero. You just made a sale to Spain! 😉

  2. Eero Tuovinen Says:

    And my first sale on this product it was! Thanks. I’ll see to mailing the booklet to you after Gencon.

  3. PatrickWR Says:


    I demoed Zombie Cinema with you at GenCon yesterday, and two of my friends ended up buying the game, which we played last night. Thanks for creating such a fun game! Glad we got our copies in the U.S. and saved on shipping, too. I’m intrigued about Solar System…do you plan to make it available on PDF?

  4. tonydowler Says:

    Hi Eero,

    It was great meeting you and your brothers in person at Gen Con. Let’s make it a tradition!


  5. Eero Tuovinen Says:

    Solar System will find its way into the Internet in some form this year. I think somebody offered to process it into html (which I prefer here; ideally I’d get somebody to copy-paste it into a wiki page at Clinton’s wiki) for me at some point, so I’ll just need to remember who it was, now that I have the time to think about this. Alternatively I’ll just do it myself at some point when I have the energy.

    It was very nice meeting all of you at Gencon. We’ll be taking a long and hard look at doing this again next year – I really have no idea yet whether this was a reasonably successful trip or something we’d rather not repeat. Have to think over the marketing factors, logistical advantages, expenses and the social entertainment angle. It’s a shame that flying is so expensive!

    Anyway, I’ll go visit the post office, now that it finally opened. Have to send some games to European customers…

  6. The Tweaker Says:

    I got my Solar System booklet. Looks great! Now I just need to find the time to read it 😉

  7. Eero Tuovinen Says:

    Most excellent. That seems to prove that my mailing operation is carrying fruit. If anybody is not getting their books, do let me know…

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