More about Gamenight

I ended up exhanging words with Jonny Nexus about his book I reviewed a couple of days ago. Negative reviews are never nice, so I wouldn’t have faulted him if he’d written a savage reply – as it was, Jonny had some reasonable points that I should clarify for the interested folks, myself included.

I also invited Jonny to set us up with some links to alternative reviews of the book that provide different viewpoints. I understand that the book has garnered some rather positive reviews from different quarters, so I encourage anybody who finds the idea of a rpg parody novel attractive to look for those and not trust in just my viewpoint. Read the rest of this entry »


One of the things I brought back from Gencon was this book by Jonny Nexus, Gamenight. Just a regular novel, albeit an independently published one. I’m normally not looking for fiction at a gaming convention (there are other places for that), but this particular book ended up in my possession in a special way: Gregor Hutton, a rpg designer and acquaintance, recommended the book and all but insisted that we should visit the author’s booth. (We = me and my brothers) The booth was the first time I heard about the novel; as I understand it, the idea was for us to check if we’d like to retail the book here in Finland. Fiction is not really our line of business, but the author graciously gifted us with a copy of the book anyway. He even signed it. That’s happened to me a couple of times with roleplaying games, but it did surprise me here, as I didn’t know off-hand what to do with the book and why he gave it to us with no expectation of recompense.

Be that as it may, I did feel a bit responsible for having received the book without paying for it, even if it was a gift. As far as I knew, there might have been some sort of social expectation of reciprocation that I didn’t catch. So instead of just forgetting about the book I decided that I might as well review it here at my blog; the review is not very positive, but I think it does give an honest picture of the book for those who are looking for this sort of thing. Read the rest of this entry »

My Gencon report

OK, I’ve wasted enough time sleeping, time to write a bit about Gencon. The convention itself ended on Sunday, but I was back here in Finland late on Tuesday, after which I’ve pretty much spent the days sleeping well for a change. I did manage to mail all the ordered copies of Zombie Cinema and Solar System, though. But, Gencon: was it fun? Who’d I meet? Did we sell? Anything else? Read the rest of this entry »

Arkenstone website

Arkenstone Publishing now has an English-language website. I made it in a couple of days while learning to hack WordPress, so it’s not very complex or anything. Hopefully it’s just stable enough to serve while we’re at Gencon. Ideally, I didn’t screw up anything with the Paypal buttons either, so we can start taking in orders on our games. Read the rest of this entry »