Zombie Cinema in print

And… now it’s all finished, and I get to go have a free day or two. The rest of the Zombie Cinema materials, including the manual, game board and cover art, went to the printer today. Hopefully they won’t come back, as time is a bit tight; we’ll need to have everything printed and ready for compiling in Chicago a few days before Gencon.

To the left here I have the cover sheet Jari made for Zombie Cinema. The game will be sold in a VHS cassette case, which pretty much defines the format of the cover sheet. I’m largely in love with this packaging, as it allows for a well-traveling, reopenable, durable and cheap package. Most importantly, the game also looks really great, as it has this full-color sleeve art on a black (I think; Markku’s dealing with the details, so I certainly hope he’s getting black) case. It’ll be difficult for other indies to top this in terms of external quality. (I can so easily recommend this solution because we already did the Finnish run of the game with the same packaging idea.)


6 Responses to “Zombie Cinema in print”

  1. Marc Majcher Says:

    This looks great! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. You’re bringing them to GenCon, I hope?

  2. Eero Tuovinen Says:

    Indeed I am! I’ve wanted to go to Gencon for ages, but never had the justification. The zombie game is pretty much that for me, although now I’m nervous about its success; we ended up doing a ridiculous 1,000 copy print run of the game because I wanted to hit a low price point ($20) with it, so I’ll need to sell literally hundreds of copies during the next few months to be happy with it.

    I and Zombie Cinema will both be at the Forge/IPR booth at the convention. Heck, I need to find out the booth number… booth #1739 is it, and I hope to see lots of my American correspondence partners there during the convention.

  3. Lukas Says:

    “so I’ll need to sell literally hundreds of copies during the next few months to be happy with it”

    I take it this means that it won’t be difficult to get a copy if I’m not attending Gencon, then?

  4. Eero Tuovinen Says:

    Nope, it’s pretty easy. You get to buy two if you want, even. I’ll put up an English website at http://www.arkenstonepublishing.net at some point before the convention and start taking orders from Euro customers. Americans are best served by IPR, which will put up the game after the convention as well.

  5. Christoph Says:

    Nice! I must say that I’m torn between the photographic naive Finnish edition and this one for excellence in style. I’m also greatly honoured to have my name on the back of the box.
    With this English edition, you’ll be able to reach quite a few European customers too, even if they don’t speak English as a primary language. A lot of boardgamers in France will immediately buy the German versions of the game and download a translation of the rules on the net.
    If you send me the last English version of the rules, I’ll send you a translated French version soon (I’ll even do the cards as soon as I’ve bought this edition).

    I’m confident you’ll do just fine with this print run!

  6. Paikoillanne, valmiit… « Efemeros Says:

    […] Hän osasi kuitenkin viitata Eeron suuntaan, joka oli juuri saanut sekä Solar Systemin että Zombie Cineman painokuntoisiksi. Näin taittajan etunimi vaihtui. Onneksi Arkkikivi-veljeksillä on tarpeeksi […]

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