Zombie Cinema in print

And… now it’s all finished, and I get to go have a free day or two. The rest of the Zombie Cinema materials, including the manual, game board and cover art, went to the printer today. Hopefully they won’t come back, as time is a bit tight; we’ll need to have everything printed and ready for compiling in Chicago a few days before Gencon. Read the rest of this entry »

Cinema Cards

This week is much better than last; although I’m pretty busy trying to hone the rules for the zombie game into near-perfection, at least I have time to sleep. And blog about the game. Here I have a couple of Cinema Cards, the character oracle used for character creation in Zombie Cinema. Read the rest of this entry »

Zombie Cinema Rules Critique

Now that we have the Solar System out of the way, time to focus on my own game, Zombie Cinema. It’s a pretty routine Forge-style narrativist-formalist-dramatist (yes, that is a joke; yes, that means something) zombie romp in many ways, but there are some innovations, especially in the area of social context. Luckily the game design is completely done and honed, thanks to the fact that the game was released a year ago in Finnish. I know exactly what’s going on with this one, so it’s all a matter of some minor editing and stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

Solar System in print

I’ve been told that a human being shrivels up and starts hallucinating after 100 hours of no sleep, after which death soon follows. Last night I got to 40 hours before getting finally going to sleep. That’s how #!%?”! busy I was getting the Solar System finished. Read the rest of this entry »

Project Update

As the smarties probably guessed, I’m busy with my insane convention schedule. The two games I’m preparing for Gencon just might kill me, unless I kill them first. Now’s a convenient moment to write about progress, though, considering that I just managed to finally send a complete draft of the Solar System to my stable of critics. Read the rest of this entry »