New Blog!

Ha ha ha haa, I started a new blog in Finnish. The name of the blog is Bear Blog and it’s quite cute. I’m doing it at once again, for I’m pretty happy with WordPress. The new blog is going to be about Finnish topics and stuff that has nothing much to do with game design, such as politics, religion and philosophy. We’ll see it in action during the coming months.

The specific motivation for starting a new blog was threefold:

  • I’ve been told that it would be tasteless to scream my political frustrations at the world in this friendly, geeky gaming blog. I also want to reach older folks who don’t read English stuff so much.
  • I wanted to write at length about the current censorship struggle here in Finland, wherein the Finnish police has been granted authority to freely censor the internet in an effort to curtail the spread of child pornography. There’s going to be a nice little demonstration over the topic in Helsinki come Tuesday, so I wanted to get my words out before that.
  • My father has been badgering me to become a candidate in the municipal council elections come fall; I don’t know if that’s going to happen when the local Centrist party finds out my opinions on censorship (they’re the main government party right now, after all), but if it does I figure that it doesn’t hurt to write a bit about my political convictions for eligible voters to check out.

In practice I’m going to try to write at both of my blogs every week; we’ll see how it goes in that regard.


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