Fantasy Adventure #5: Character Creation & Advancement

I might as well write about the char-gen principles of my D&D-rewrite, considering that those hew so closely to the Ability and Class definitions I discussed earlier. All this is to some degree useless without solid rules for adventure management and conflict resolution, but I’ll get to those at some point, too. For now, some specific ideas for how to create and advance characters: Read the rest of this entry »

Fantasy Adventure: Runeslayers

Last week I had little time for gaming, but I did manage to pull off a rather interesting session of trad-style adventure gaming with Runeslayers. We played for five hours, during which time we managed to create characters for two players and play through a large enough arc of adventure. There were two players and me doing GMing, being that I was the only one who’d read the rules beforehand. The interesting points from the fantasy adventuring perspective mostly pertain to character generation, here. Read the rest of this entry »