Art direction for Theomachia

One of the things I’m currently doing for my aforementioned game project Theomachia is looking for a couple of artists and perhaps a musician. I’ll be writing more later about the details of the game itself, at this point it’s sufficient to say that art is needed, and that art needs art direction. For now I’m using the awesome powers of my new blog to create a separate page right here for reference images and other notes about the topic. I’ll be adding to the material later, when I get more, but it’s a start. And now I don’t have to send this stuff by mail anymore when I want to show it to somebody.

Of course, the question I’m begging here is, why am I creating an art portfolio? The short answer is that I’m not, I’m telling my brother Jari to do it for me. Also, from my discussions with Jarkko Vuori it seems that I’ll be the closest thing to an art director for the project for the foreseeable future. The rest of the current crew are all programmers, after all. This also means that with game design as my responsibility, I’m practically responsible for the whole spectrum of content production for the project. I’ll clearly have to get some sort of help.


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