Starting a WordPress blog

OK, I come to the wonderful, huge world of blogging with little in the way of experience. I don’t read many blogs (I think I listed the majority of them in my first post, actually) and I’ve never had a blog myself. I don’t even know if my temperament suits blogging, now that I think of it. Perhaps it will.

The above in the way of context; it might be that my whiny complaint (this, I understand, is traditional: you’re supposed to whine like a rusty bedspring in your own blog) is just a result of my own lack of skill. For all I know, there’s some simple method to get WordPress to jump the way I want it to.

With those qualifications, my whiny complaint: there seems to be precious few dynamic layout themes to choose from in the archive. And those that are available almost invariably lack a header image or do not allow changing it. The one exception, Rubric (more or less the one shown here) has awful red colored links and no way of changing them. This all is rather a shame, because I’d like to have a nice and distinctive header image, a dynamic layout and some control over color, too. I settled on the Garland theme for now, I’ll have to think about what I’d like my window to the world to look like.

Of course, the smart thing to do would be to put the blog on my own server. I could do that at the Arkenstone URL, I guess. It’s just that I don’t want to entangle Arkenstone Publishing (this being a small Finnish hobby company I run with my brothers) with a personal blog that should be about many things Arkenstone has little to do with.

Whine whine. I could also complain about how hard it is to find a good blog name and a subdomain that isn’t taken yet. Luckily I’m an inventive guy, so after going through around thirty game design-related choices, I stumbled on something acceptable.

…hmm, such an useless post. This whining gig isn’t really doing it for me. Must be because we hadn’t even heard about “being emo” in my high school in the ’90s.


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