Building up my link list

I’m nocturnal, but this is ridiculous. After this I’ll leave well enough alone and go get some sleep. Instead of doing that sensibly an hour ago, I ended up making a list of links for the “blogroll” as it’s called. My list is rather restrained right now, not exactly the “sites that you visit often” recommended by WordPress.

Perhaps I’ll put in some more links later (webcomics a person reads are a popular topic, apparently), but for now these gaming related key resources have to suffice. Vincent’s blog Anyway has suffered a bit of a down-turn after he started his new knife-fight forums, but it’s still a blog I follow, and he has a good blogroll to continue with when I feel like reading something else.  The rest of the sites I list are going strong as far as I can see, each lugging away to their specific purpose. Half of them are in Finnish, of course, but that’s what you get for being born in between Hanko and Petsamo.

Anyways, my blog is looking pretty good. Now I’ll just have to find the time and motivation to write for it now and then. I’ll try to get something pertinent down about that game design project this week.


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