Now, why a weblog?

Why would a sensible man get himself a blog? The influences that led this particular unique snowflake to the same solution adopted by quite a bit over 50 million others can be triangulated thusly:

  • My involvement with the independent movement in roleplaying games has led me to the trough, so to speak: several fine folks, such as Vincent Baker at his blog Anyway, or Ben Lehman at his various TAO blogs, have demonstrated aptly how one might discuss various gaming related issues comfortably at one’s own blog. It seems quite common that some folks feel uncomfortable with perceived forum bias and such matters, in which case a blog can be a most amiable alternative. This never was a particular problem for me, though; what little forum-going I practise tends to have clear social goals that are rarely frustrated.
  • Game design circles in Finland are positively intimate. We few, we proud are rather interested (some might say jealous) in what each other designer is doing, merely by virtue of geography and having little to do with different focuses or even media of gaming. A paramount example of the positive communal effect is game designer Ville Vuorela, whose blog Notebook has for years been a source of amusement, instruction, heady insults and personal news for us all. I hope that my blog could be even a bit like that in regards to being an interesting read for other Finns struggling with their game design.
  • When last Ropecon rolled around in August, I was most curiously approached by a thirty-something software developer by the name of Jarkko Vuori. I’ll be writing more about this, but the short story is that Jarkko wanted to make a computer game, and he wanted me in his team. While the project at this writing is little more than lots of paper, Jarkko seems serious and competent about his producing position. It’s serious enough that I have to start thinking about computer game design in a more serious manner than I’ve ever done.

The way I see it, I’d like my blog to be an interesting read to Finnish game hobbyists. If my Forge-related friends and associates find anything interesting here, so much better. I’d also like to write about the jarkkovuori-project (yeah, I call it that in my private correspondence, when friends ask why I’m so busy this month) as it develops, chronicling the experience. Perhaps it will be useful to somebody. If I attracted help or comments from folks more experienced with computer game design (which, I imagine, is just about all of those 50 million unique snowflakes with blogs), I’d be positively ecstatic.

I’ll be writing more later about the aforementioned game project I’ve been drafted to work on. I guess I also should write a bit about my credentials and life and such; I’m not coming into making a game completely cold, I just suspect that I might not be experienced enough to swing this project just like that. What other topics… well, we’ll see. At least I’m going to momentarily bitch about web page design. Such annoyment in an otherwise professional service.


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